The Tron 100 Festival 2016

In June my 15 minute play That Summer Day was lucky enough to be included in The Tron 100 Festival.



It’s 1985!

its 1985

Sauchiehall Soviet – a play about a fading pop star mistaken for a Communist spy – starring Julie Martis, Calum Beaton and Gillian Massey.


The Roxy – by Tom Brogan – about a nightclub on the verge of closure and a worker who can’t let go – staring Paul Kozinski, Richard Gray, Louise Henderson (who also designed the gorgeous poster) and Natalie Clark.





SAST – November 2015


On Monday 16th November and Tuesday 17th of November 2015 we had our second Short Attention Span Theatre event – with our great poster again designed by Louise Henderson.

This time we had six plays.

Murder In Bearsden by Elisabeth Holland

In 1955 three respectable ladies are interviewed by a police Inspector about the violent death of their friend.

directed by Karen Barclay

Daphne – Lindsey McNab

Sybil – Louisa Thornton

Fiona – Meli Bach

Inspector – Derek Banner

Innocent Age by Megan Green

A young assistant t.v. producer on a popular children’s t.v. show in the 1970s has to choose between her career and morality.

directed by Tom Brogan

Stevi – Louise Henderson

Lucy – Gillian Massey

Dillon – Meggan Jameson

Matt – Derek Banner

innocent age

Disaster Song by Karen Barclay

2 women are haunted by a folk song.

directed by Karen Barclay

June – Sarah Meikle

May – Louisa Thornton

disaster song

Jesus Wants You For A Stakebake by Alex Cox

The Angel of Death has to rectify an unfortunate mistake.

directed by Sarah McCardie

Danny – George Docherty

Death – Cameron McGarva

Donna – Julie Martis


Someone Was Murdered Here by Fraser Campbell

A young couple have to choose between settling down in a cheap flat with a dark history or not settling down in a cheap flat with a dark history.

directed by Tom Brogan

Sam – Johanna Harper

Kate – Sarah Meikle

Andrew – Richard Gray

someone was murdered here

Thursday’s Child by Julie Martis

An internet group meet in real life to discuss their deep dark desires, and Alanis Morisette.

directed by Jamie Lee McPherson

Beth – Hannah Elizabeth Morton

Anita – Elle Seivwright

Immie – Jamie Lee McPherson


New Writing: Short Attention Span Theatre – July 2015

eshort attention span poster

On Tuesday 28th July and Wednesday 29th July 2015 we’ll be staging a night of exciting new writing by 4 new playwrights at the Old Hairdresser’s in Glasgow:

Ava and The Seagull by Roísín Kelly

A fragile young woman gets revenge for a desecrated pet.

Smokers by Julie McDowell 

Survivors of a nuclear attack struggle with their new reality.

The Answer by Meggan Jameson

Revelations at a Psychic Night cause repercussions.

Dynamite FM by Catherine Noble

Young Man seeks Leg-Over at a pirate radio station party.

You can buy tickets here:

Fiendish Plot 2009 Season

A little nostalgic look back at ‘Fiendish Plot’s’ first season (of two) at the CCA:

The Black Water by Martin Brocklebank

directed by Suzi Simpson

In the long, hot summer of 1976, Karen Field, disappeared, 21 years later her husband was arrested for her murder.
‘The Black Water’ is a fantasy about the last night of Karen’s life.

Martin is a T.V. scriptwriter for the BBC’s flagship
soap ‘River City’. He’s also written for the BBC drama ‘Doctors’ and the Channel 4 new writing strand ‘Coming Up’.
His 1st play ‘Those Below’ was staged by Pains Plough in 1999.


Forgetting Sebastian by Kenny McKenna

Gillian returns home to find her husband reading a newspaper and a man locked in a chest in the living-room.
Forgetting Sebastian is about truth and fantasy, trust and suspicion and the importance of getting your story straight.

Kenny is a new writer. His 1st play ‘Memoria’ was given a reading at the CCA in December last year, organized by
the Playwrights’ Studio Scotland and the RSAMD. Kenny is an actor who has worked extensively in Scottish theatre
with companies including The Royal Lyceum and Raindog,, and in radio and T.V.


Takes A Trip by Karen Barclay

directed by Bill Wright

Don Morrison is a pensioner. He falls and is admitted to hospital. He thinks the system is trying to kill him, but he’s afraid
to go home. Isa is a nurse. She wants to help him, but he might disagree with her methods.

Karen won the Playwrights’ Studio Scotland’s Ignite competition in 2006. She’s worked extensively in Scottish Theatre.


Scenes From Room 44 by Cormac Quinn

Rita and James and a corkscrew are in Room 44. Their love life spins between love, murder and a good bottle of wine.
Three possibilities, quantum physics and most importantly; a corkscrew, in a tale of love in the space/ time continuum.

Cormac is a writer. His play ‘Still’ was performed at the New Writing, New Worlds Festival in 2007.


The Unspoken Etiquette of Queues by Martin McNaughton

Chris likes to queue as long as the person in front of him knows the etiquette – unfortunately not everyone does – in this tale
of life, love and lines.

Martin is an actor and director who has written a variety of plays from ‘Stourie Annie : A Scots Cinderella’
to ‘A Scottish Play’ his re-imagining of Macbeth set in the Scottish Parliament, as well as writing for Naked Radio and Weekending.


Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2014: Star Stricken

Megan_Mask 045

Book Arrow Heart in collaboration with Compulsory Trousers  ( ) is working on a double bill of comedy dramas that will explore the interface between ordinary life and fame.

‘Emily Entwistle’ will centre on a woman taking career advice from two contrasting icons, Emily Bronte, a writer steeped in Gothic isolation and Peg Entwistle, the actress famous for plunging from the Hollywood sign, part of an era of extroverted excess.

‘Good Times Never Seemed So Good’ follows the career of a Neil Diamond tribute act as he becomes dangerously immersed in the world of celebrity impersonation.


Johanna Harper

Paul Kozinski

Frankie MacEachen

Photograph : Tom Brogan