The Retreat

As part of the Tron 100 Festival 2017, I had the pleasure of directing the very funny The Retreat by Daisy Jo Lucas, starring Daisy Jo Lucas, Alfie Wellcoat, Euan Cuthbertson, Renee Williams, Natalie Clarke and Hazel Ann Crawford.


SAST – April 2017

SAST poster 2017


I’m producing, along with Tom Brogan, & directing, along with Tom Brogan and Jamie Lee McPherson, Short Attention Span Theatre again… This time we have…

Six new short plays:

Flensburg by Cormac Quinn

Working Title by Hannah Morton

North to Muira by Jane Sunderland

Horses With Horns by Richy Walsh

Red Label by Derek Banner

Of Sound Mind by Helen Bang


John Love, Derek Banner, Scott Canevy, Hannah Morton, Karen Bartke, Johanna Harper, Megan Green and Calum Beaton.

Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2017 – Love or Money


love or money quote poster 2

A double bill of romantic comedies about love and other circumstances.

Vote For Love by Karen Barclay

Suzie Love, stands against her careerist sister, Pamela, in a by-election in order to save a community garden from a high-speed railway, but risks it all by falling in love with her hapless brother-in-law, Archie Harris.


Some People by Tom Brogan

Single parents David and Ruth find themselves at loggerheads when their children are involved in a fight and their ‘punishment’ is to serve on the school board… gradually they realise they have more in common than they first thought.


Suzie/Ruth             Natalie Clarke

Archie/David         Paul Kozinski


Small Mercies


I don’t know how so much time has gone past – but our sitcom podcast Small Mercies is on episode 4!

Small Mercies: Celebrity Death

It stars –

Natalie Clark as Nora

Tom Brogan as Tony

Johanna Harper as Lynne

Paul Kozinski as Patrick

& it’s written by Karen Barclay (me) and Tom Brogan.

All 10 episodes here.

Photographs by Louise Henderson 

Taste The Blood: Kitten Kapers

I’ve written a short play, Kitten Kapers, as part of a Halloween horror triple bill at Govanhill Baths, Glasgow.

tickets here!:

My play is about a man who marries a witch who used to be his cat… but it’s loosely based on the true story of Louis Wain (1860 – 1939), the Victorian cat painter whose obsession turned into madness in his later years.